Monday, 7 September 2009

Wheels at last

It might be thought that it would be a straight forward job to lift the engine up by crane and just role the wheels into position and lower away. Not a bit of it, We did not have a crane big enough to lift the weight, so the engine was lifted up and the front only and the first pair of wheels set onto the rails and rolled into position. The main bearings need a little persuasion to bed down correctly, but at least the gear teeth meshed very nicely. Then the rear was jacked up and the remaining legs removed. Again the rear set of wheels were carefully rolled into position and with a little cunning and carefully applied 'brute force' the wheels were coaxed into a position which allowed the bearings to line up AND the gear teeth to pull themselves into the proper mesh. Some way now needed to be devised so that Trevor could move this heavy assembly in and out of the shed when needed with out having to strain his back any more than he already has. As more and more parts are fitted to the engine basic 'crow-bar' action is not an option.

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