Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Back another Generation:

Having posted an image of my father as a Bass player during the 2nd World War, I find that I can now post a picture of my maternal Grandfather, who it will be seen was an Engine driver. I must contact York Museum about him, as it is in the family verbal history that he used to regularly drive the 'Royal Train from London to Edinburgh for Queen Victoria. Unfortunatly he ended his driving as a shunter after he received an eye injury from a hot cinder. For the record, his name was William Parrell, and lived in Stockwell, London, not far from the Vauxhall Railway Yard.

Interesting that my son Trevor is so much involved with the restoration of all types of steam machinery. In particular his own Clayton and Shuttleworth Tracktion engine 'RAMBLER', as well as the LONGSHOP MUSEUM'S shunting loco SIRAPITE.

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