Monday, 24 November 2008

Is Life a Curved Path?

So, at long last I have made the effort to compile a blog!

This is in fact no mean feat as I have usually shied away from committing my general thoughts to the written word. This is partly due to lack of confidence with both Grammar and spelling. Also memories of being belittled on both accounts at school whilst at the same time always being praised for the ability to speak quite fluently without preparation. Add to that the general get-out terms of 'Dyslexia' and 'writers cramp', I truly have not enjoyed writing.

What on earth has changed at this time of life. Well, many factors have conspired to re-adjust my equilibrium. There is of course the computer and its useful facilities to rearrange and correct words, secretly. But that still leave the confidence thing. Well the computer and the internet have a lot to answer for. About a year ago I decided that as I was enjoying playing about with music sequencers and samplers and pretending to learn to play ' Keyboard', I would subscribe to a Technical magazine on the subject. I choose 'Sound on Sound' as my preferred choice . Within a few months an article was published recalling the early days of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop. During the reading of the piece my attention was riveted by an account of a
bizarre contraption for creating sounds from graphic art-work. How it worked was not really understood.
Contacting the magazine lead to the author visiting me at my home, where he discovered that I did in fact know quite a lot about the machine which was known by the name of ORAMICS. This single event has rather transformed my ailling life, and has encouraged me to restimulate my Grey matter. I have now regain a firm interest in sound and sound recording, which coupled to my other interests now embriols me in trying to make an archive of both my life and the progress of my son. I so wish to eliminate the difficulties I am having in tracing my Father's life. There seems to be so little provinence for what he acheived for the world of music during and after the second world war. Alas, there is also scant evidence of his early life and upbringing.

So life at 70 plus has begun to close in rather like completing a circle, but I do not intend it to completely close just yet!

As I learn more about blogging, I will most surely add the links to the key players that I have mentioned.

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