Sunday, 30 November 2008

Digital Photography should be EASY!

The previous post of the flip-side of 'A Journey Into Stereo Sound' was prompted by the front cover of the same recording being posted by Steve at SURROUNDHEAD. Having the record myself I thought of 'playing SNAP', then I think I grew up! Anyway, Steve's picture of the cover turned out to be better than mine. Then another thought lumbered into my mind, perhaps somebody might like to know a little more about the recording. Thus I came to try to photograph the reverse side.

I think I know how it should be done, .....even diffuse lighting, at least two balanced lights, one on either side at around 45 degrees, watch out for shine from the laminated surface, use a 'polarizing' filter, accurately 'square-up subject and camera 'film-plane', DO use a tripod.......Flaming heck, I was getting tired just thinking about it. Should I change the lens from the Zoom I used earlier in the day to a Macro, or just add a 'Proxar', close-up, Portrait lens, call it what you will. Being rather late at night, the only illumination is a ghastly energy saving bulb in an angle-lamp base. My 'Study' just happens to be a small Bedroom , where the bed is rather a nuisance,taking up valuable computer space!

I plonked the record onto a music stand just in front of the midi keyboard, pick up the camera as is, and back away until I get the 'In Focus' indicater, that is a REAL boon with my worsening eyesight, only age related so far, thank goodness. Anyway, I crash into the Mic. stand and have to regain some balance. I did make the effort to attach the more powerful flash gun onto the camera, and swivaled the the unit to bounce the light off the ceiling. Hand held I could see the tremors! Still, maybe the short duration flash would freeze the image. SNAP. The camera certainly found a working exposure for the flash, but then selected a slow speed for the ambient light, so I did not win. Several compromises later I acheived the image as posted. The lighting certainly is not very even. The ceiling being far to close with respect to the image size. The use of the 'close-up lens not very successful with the printed matter under these conditions. The Macro lens would be much better except I do not have the room for the extra focal lenth. Not very good, but something of a result. I will have to make more of a effort during daylight. I feel another Blog coming on!

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