Sunday, 7 December 2008

SQUIBS....A pre-teen pet. circa 1949

Squibs was a Second World War pussy cat. He was awarded his own 'Tin Hat' for services rendered. His claim to 'Local' fame was that as my parents did their 'Black-out' patrol, Squibs would parade ahead of them and sit in front of any house showing a chink of light. How he developed this gift we are still not sure. As the picture shows, he was rather a large animal, and another favorite trick was to jump around my smallish shoulders as I sat at table and almost make me put my face into the plate of food.

This is an earlier picture than Shylock, being about 1949, the same camera, but this time fitted with a small 'Capacitor, flash gun . These fired small flash-bulbs via a couple of zink carbon batteries. The bulbs sizzled as the flash went off due to the safety lacquer frying with the heat of the burning Magnesium wire inside the little glass bulb.

Squibs won this round, although he looks quite tired, I was much more so.

Location of HOME was South West LONDON, and we did receive War Damage.

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